2015 Digital Media Showcase

2015 Digital Media Showcase was Thursday, April 30th at 6:00 p.m. at Otay Ranch High School’s Pavilion. Over 50 flash drive awards were presented by VAPA Director, Jeff Kover and 6 iPad mini awards by the Tobacco Use Prevention Education program’s representative, Gale Marshburn. A special award was presented  by Manuel Rubio, Director of Grants and Communications to Olympian High’s KOHS News, teacher Mr. Exum for the Best School News Production of the year!


Congratulations to all participants and teachers for submitting over 400 outstanding works! Special thanks to our Digital Media Committee Chair Kelly Hamilton for organizing and hosting this event and to all the teachers that helped behind the scenes.

Thanks to our dedicated community judges for volunteering their time and supporting the arts in our schools.

  • DMS Music Judge: Mike Butler, Producer and accomplished recording professional.
  • DMS Photo Judge: Mike Menegus, Professional photographer.
  • DMS Photo & Video Judge: Jo Kamimura, Freelance documentary & videographer.
  • DMS Video Judge: Omar De Leon, SUHSD Web/Video specialist.
  • DMS Digital Design Judges: Glen Llorin, Graphic Designer/Illustrator &
  • Otto Lai, Computer Graphics and Animation Instructor.