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VAPA Director Jeff Kover, District Representative

  • Rhys Greene, Drama Committee Chair
  • TBD, VAPA Staff Representative

Courses offered at SUHSD

  • Drama Introduction CVM, RDM
  • Drama Performance CVM, RDM
  • Drama Beginning BVH, CPH, HTH, MOH, OLH, ORH, SUH, SYH
  • Drama Intermediate BVH, CPH, OLH, ORH, SYH
  • Theater Production CPH, HTH, MOH, ORH, SUH, SYH
  • Speech Comm & Theatre BVH
  • Technical Theater Beginning SUH, SYH
  • CTE Technical Theater  CVH
  • CTE Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, or Production Drama CVH, ELH

VAPA Supports the following:

Sweetwater Summer Theatre Institute

  • Director, show management, and staff
  • Set design and construction
  • Flyers, tickets, and programs
  • Cast party catering
  • $10.00/$5.00 tickets

Costume Collection

Costumes are available for check out based on availability.

Call (619) 796-7700 or email Laura.Robinson@sweetwaterschools.org  to schedule an appointment for costume selection and pick up.

A cleaning fee is due and payable to SUHSD at the time of pick up. This cleaning fee applies to each individual costume that is borrowed by an adult. There is no cleaning fee for student costumes.

Drama Websites

CVH: https://www.cvscpa.org/
ORH: https://orhstheater.weebly.com/