Issue / Problem Resolution

If any problems/issues arise during any VAPA related activity, use this chain of responsibility to seek resolution. The chain of responsibility for VAPA related activities is:

  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Committee Chair
  • VAPA Director
  • Superintendent


All purchases are made with the approval of the VAPA office and through the district’s purchasing system.

The person/department that authorizes purchases of an item is responsible for payment of that item. The VAPA department will not pay for or make reimbursements for items that are not approved before purchase.

Media Communications

All forms of communications with the media must go through the district’s Grants and Communications Department. The VAPA Department must be informed of the communication with the media at the time of contact with the Grants and Communications Department.

For the events that you have planned, please prepare a minimum of one paragraph write-up, a picture of the event with a caption, then email all items to both SUHSD’s Grants and Communications Department and VAPA.