Digital Media Showcase

2019 District Digital Media Showcase  was Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 at 6pm. Location: Otay Ranch High School Pavilion (1250 Olympic Parkway, Chula Vista, CA 91913) Downloadable HERE, designed by ORH student Natalie Hoang.

The eleventh annual Digital Media Showcase featured student work created in digital media classes throughout the Sweetwater Union High School District. Student work in photography, computer art, graphic design, video, and music technology was celebrated. Industry professionals judged the submissions and awards are given to the top entries! Click here to see the winners.

Entry Guidelines:

Entry Deadline was Friday, April 12th, 2019. 

  1. Follow the File Naming Instructions. Teachers screen and select best work before submitting.
  2. Complete the Online Entry Form for each submission.
  3. Students submit work electronically through a Digital Media Teacher.

Teachers may submit entries using designated Google Drive folders, please contact Ms. Kelly Hamilton if you need assistance.

Teachers may submit up to 15 entries per class period and a maximum of 4 per student provided they are in different subcategories. Please screen content and select quality work.

For group projects, the teacher and the team leader submit the entry in representation of the group. By submitting it is concluded that all group members have been advised of the entry and all agree to submit. Only one prize per group will be awarded.

Submission to the show grants permission for the images to be used to promote and advertise the arts in our schools.

File Naming Instructions:

Name your files with the following conventions. ALL ARE REQUIRED. No Spaces in File Name, use hyphens (-)

  • List the two character Category. For example V1 for video documentary
  • List the three character School Name. For example CPH for Castle Park High
  • List Student Name. (no spaces or hyphens in name but capitalize first and last name)
  • List Title Name. (short tile please)
  • Make sure the File Extension is included. For example: .jpg, .mp3, .mov
  • Example of a correct file name:
    • Note: Use hyphens (-) in between, no underscores (_)


There are two divisions.

  • MIDDLE/JUNIOR HIGH for students in grades 7 and 8
  • HIGH SCHOOL for students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12

Video Category

All video submissions must be no longer than 5 minutes. Submit entries as uncompressed data files in .mov, .mp4, .m4v, or .avi, format through Google Drive. You may also submit files on a flash drive or CD/DVD. Entries can NOT be submitted on a DVD that has already been processed to play on a DVD player.

  • V1 VIDEO – DOCUMENTARY is for informational material, not necessarily timely or even real.
  • V2 VIDEO – JOURNALISM is for reporting timely news, such as a real event.
  • V3 VIDEO – LIVE-ACTION NARRATIVE tells an original story, including actors portraying characters.
  • V4 VIDEO – STOP ACTION has all or most visual elements created stop action photography sequencing.
  • V5 VIDEO – EXPERIMENTAL is for any work that doesn’t fall into any other category.
  • V6 VIDEO – “ANTI-TOBACCO” PSA – Discontinued.
  • V7 VIDEO – PSA 30-60 second public service announcement and video commercials.
  • V8 VIDEO – MUSIC VIDEO a compilation of still or action images combined with music. If the music video contains original music created by the student, you can submit the audio file in the M1 category.
  • V9 VIDEO – NEWS PRODUCTION school news show is considered as a whole, including anchoring, set production, editing, etc. Teacher’s name in File Name.

Sound/Music Category

All sound and music submissions must be no longer than 5 minutes. .Mp3, .wav, .m4a formats are acceptable.

  • M1 MUSIC – ORIGINAL SONG is for melody and/or lyrics you have created. Recording quality is not considered.
  • M2 MUSIC – SONG ARRANGEMENT is for creations or remixes of copyrighted material or creations consisting primarily of “loop-based” arrangements (cannot be considered for posting through district servers, without written permission from the copyright holder.)
  • M3 MUSIC – NON-MUSICAL PERFORMANCE is for spoken word recordings.

Digital Design Category

Digital Design submissions need to be provided uncompressed in a freely-accessible file format such as .jpg, .eps, .swf, .pdf, etc. Note: jpg is preferred for D1, D2, D5, and D6.

  • D1 DIGITAL DESIGN – COMPUTER ART is digital digital work created with mixed media and/ or manipulated stock imagery composites created on a computer.
  • D2 DIGITAL DESIGN – GRAPHIC DESIGN identity package, print design, or communication art created with design in mind for a target audience or public communication.
  • D3 DIGITAL DESIGN – WEBSITE DESIGN is for any website design including websites created with Flash.
  • D4 DIGITAL DESIGN – COMPUTER ANIMATION is for computer generated interactive and non-interactive animation that does not fit the video animation (V-4) category. Including files created with Flash.
  • D5 DIGITAL DESIGN – VECTOR ILLUSTRATION is for digital work that is rendered or drawn digitally using vector shapes/layers.
  • D6 DIGITAL DESIGN – PSA is for public service announcement designs or posters on social issues.

Photography Category

Photography submission guidelines are the same as Digital Design. Note: jpg is preferred. 

  • P3 PHOTOGRAPHY – PORTRAITS (color and black & white)
  • P4 PHOTOGRAPHY – MANIPULATED for digital photos altered through photo editing.
  • P5 PHOTOGRAPHY – SERIES/PHOTO ESSAY for series of photos related to each other by subject, technique, or purpose. Please combine photo series as one photo collage.


List of Digital Media Teachers at each school site.

2018 DMS Post.