Music iconVAPA Director – Brahim Wahib, District Representative

  • Michael Gray, Band Committee Chair
  • Joseph Kwan, VAPA Staff Representative
  • Fredd Sanchez, Maricahi Committee Chair
  • Hans Chamberlain, VAPA Staff Representative
  • Jennifer Opdahl, String Committee Chair
  • Joseph Kwan, VAPA Staff Representative
  • Michael Atwood, Vocal Committee Chair
  • Joseph Kwan, VAPA Staff Representative

District Wide Music Events

    • Sweetwater Summer Arts Academy
    • Band Pageant
    • Holiday Sing!
    • Mariachi Night
    • Honor Band Concert
    • SCSBOA
    • District StringFest
    • District Color Guard and Drumline Show
    • District Orchestra Concerts

Music students


Musical Instrument Repair

Music Library



Piano Courses offered at SUHSD

    • Beginning Piano (middle school): CVM
    • Beginning Piano: ELH
    • CTE – AME Beginning Piano: CVH
    • CTE – AME Intermediate Piano: CVH
    • CTE – AME Advanced Piano: CVH


This is a list of Private Teachers for orchestra and band instruments. This list has been informally compiled as a service to interested students and parents. However, the instructors have no affiliation with SUHSD.

Piano student

Guitar Courses offered at SUHSD

    • Beginning Guitar (middle school): CVM, GJH, HTM, LVA, RDM
    • Beginning Ukulele (middle school): ELM
    • Beginning Guitar 9-12 (middle school): AVA, GJH
    • Beginning Guitar: CVH, ELH, HTH, MOH, OLH, SYH
    • Intermediate Guitar: CVH, HTH
    • Advanced Guitar: CVH
    • CTE – AME Beginning Guitar: BVH, CVH, MVH, ORH, SOH
    • CTE – AME Intermediate Guitar: MVH, SOH
    • CTE – AME Advanced Guitar: BVH, MVH, ORH
    • SCPA – Instrumental Ensemble: CVH

Guitar student

Music Technology Courses offered at SUHSD

    • Introduction to Music Technology (middle school): GJH


Check out this list and explore careers in music:
Careers in Music List

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What I have in my heart and soul – must find a way out. That’s the reason for music.”
– Ludwig Van Beethoven