Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments header image of Piano, french horn, and violin

Instrument Loan

  • Musical instruments will be provided by the district to students enrolled in the corresponding instrumental class at no charge.
  • Musical instruments will be distributed at the discretion of the program’s music teacher.
  • Upon distribution, the student and their guardian will be required to sign a loan agreement form, and will be held responsible for any intentional or accidental damage. Students will not be held accountable for normal wear and tear. Click here for a blank Loan Agreement Form.
  • Routine maintenance and repairs are handled by the SUHSD instrument repair technicians. Any repairs done without approval from the VAPA department will not be paid for by the school district.

Musical Instrument Repair

How to send instruments in for repair:

  1. Every instrument sent in for repair will need to have the paper repair form slips filled out and inserted into the case. Click here to view the Instrument Repair Form.
  2. Email Joseph Kwan ( the type and number of instruments that need to be picked up for repair (e.g. 3 trumpets, 1 Alto Sax, etc.). You may also drop instruments off at the VAPA offices if you email us and schedule a time to drop them off.
  3. Hans Chamberlain will pick up instruments that need to be repaired on Fridays, based on what has been emailed to Joseph Kwan.
  4. Once the instrument has been repaired, you will receive an email from Joseph Kwan with a repair ticket and Hans will drop off instruments that have been repaired on Fridays.

If the instrument is a priority repair (i.e. the student does not have a working instrument to play) or if any repairs are urgent then your request must be sent in an email to Joseph Kwan, and we will add it to our list of upcoming repairs. We categorize repairs into three different categories.

How we categorize repairs:

  1. High Priority (Student is currently without an instrument)
    a. You must email us saying what instrument you are currently in need of for a student that does not have an instrument to play. This can be included in the email letting us know what instruments you need picked up for repair.
    b. This instrument may be one being sent in for repair, one already in for repair, or one that you need added to your inventory.
    c. The instrument will be added to the high priority list in the order received.
  2. Low Priority Request (instrument that you would like to have, or will be in need of in the future, but is not urgent).
    a. Email us requesting an instrument, but that it is not urgent. (e.g. It’s marching season, but you’ll need a bass clarinet for concert season in the spring).
    b. Instrument is placed on the low priority list, in the order received.
  3. No priority (Instrument is in need of work but is not currently needed by a student).
    a. Instrument will be added to backlog of repair work without any priority.

We will repair everything on the high priority list and then the low priority, according to request date, and then no priority. If an instrument is sent in without an email indicating high/low priority, it is automatically placed in the no priority list.

Ordering Supplies

To order instrument supplies, such as bows, strings, shoulder rests, and rosin, email Joseph Kwan with your needs. Once your request has been processed, you will be notified and the supplies will be delivered to your site, or can be picked up from the VAPA offices.

Policy for Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Instruments

  • If an instrument is lost or severely damaged while loaned out to a student, they will be responsible for the cost of repairs or the cost of a replacement instrument.
  • The SUHSD Visual and Performing Arts Department will assess the cost to repair the damage or the cost to replace the instrument.
  • A letter will be sent to the student and guardian informing them of the cost (per the Instrument Loan Agreement) and the student’s guardian(s) will be requested to make a payment to the Visual and Performing Arts Department in order to cover these costs.
  • A copy of this letter will be provided to the school site’s principal and the music teacher. Failure to cover these costs will result in the student being placed on a fine list and the district will take appropriate actions including, but not limited to withholding transcripts.

Instrument Maintenance

Instrument maintenance sheets are available for the following instruments:


Regardless of funding source, all pianos are under the oversight of VAPA. Pianos are assigned by VAPA.

For piano tuning, or to move a piano to another location, please email with your requests.