Media Release Form

Visual and Performing Arts classes, as part of their educational curriculum , perform or display art works or pieces for the public. Such displays and performances can be either live or via electronic media such as photographs, video, websites, or social media. These displays and performances are an integral part of the artistic process, as well as serving to promote the arts in our schools and community. Parents are advised that such display or performance will often include the likeness, name, or other information for their student. This will not include any phone numbers, addresses, or other personal, private, or confidential information as required by law, Board policy or administrative regulation.

To insure the privacy rights of our students, Visual and Performing Arts classes are encouraged to have on file the “Media Release Form” attached below. This form, separate from the form signed by parents in their school registration packets, will allow the teacher to have their own record of the wishes of the students and parents with regards to privacy and publication. This completed form is required to post any information on the web or used for publicity regarding students. A parent’s signature is required for students under the age of 18. Students over the age of 18 may sign for themselves.  ALL personal information posted on the internet must have verifiable written permission on file at the site. This includes photographs, names or other information.

The document grants the District and school the right to print, photograph, record, and edit as desired, the biographical information, name, image, likeness, and/or voice of the student or staff on audio, video, film, slide, or any other electronic and printed formats, currently developed, (known as “Recordings” ) for the purposes stated or related to a specific request. It further gives consent to the school and district to take photos, audio or video footage of classes, lessons, and/or concerts without advance notice and to publish such photos, audio and video footage royalty-free in its print, audio and electronic promotional efforts, including its Web site.

Click the link for the VAPA Media Release Form.