Musical Instruments

Instrument Loan

  • All instruments are under the oversight of VAPA.
  • Instruments not in use may be reassigned by VAPA.

Instrument Repair

Most repairs and adjustments will be done on-site at the VAPA instrument repair facility. All requests for musical instrument repairs, including piano tunings, should be made through VAPA’s Musical Instrument Technician, Jeremy Frazier. The best way to contact Jeremy is through email:

  • All instruments should be taken to the VAPA office for repair, except for piano repairs.
  • Be sure to attach an Instrument_Repair_sheets.
  • Repair sheets can be found at the repair check in desk next to the repair office. Fill it out completely and place it halfway in the case so the top portion is visible.
  • VAPA will notify the teachers when repaired instruments are ready to be picked up.
  • Any repairs done without VAPA approval will be paid for by the person or site authorizing the repairs.

Ordering Supplies

To order instrument supplies such as strings and bows, please use the online Supply Request form. Once you are finished, hit “submit” and it will automatically be sent to our technician. He will contact you when your order is ready for pick up. Please pick up your order within 30 days or it will be put back in inventory.

Please note: The Supply Request form is best supported by the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Policy for Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Instruments

If a student loses or severely damages an instrument, the music teacher must fill out and submit (download form first before filling out) the Lost_or_Damaged_Instrument_Invoice_form_ with a copy of the signed Instrument Loan Agreement (English) or (Spanish) to Jeremy Frazier at VAPA. After assessing the damage or replacement value, VAPA will send a letter signed by the Director to the parents of the student informing them of the cost and that they are responsible (per the Instrument Loan Agreement) for those costs. The parents will be requested to make a payment to VAPA in order to cover these costs. This letter will be copied to the school principal and the music teacher. VAPA will regularly follow up with the parents until payment is received. If payment is not received by the end of April, VAPA will inform the principal of this non-payment and request that the student be placed on the fine list so they may not graduate, etc. Please contact Jeremy Frazier if you have any questions regarding this procedure.

Instrument Maintenance

Instrument maintenance sheets are available for the following instruments:


Regardless of funding source, all pianos are under the oversight of VAPA. Pianos are assigned by VAPA.

Teachers, if you need to move a piano to another location please fill out a Piano Moving form and email it to

For Piano Tuning Requests, please fill out this online form.