String Orchestra Music

VAPA Supports the following:

District StringFest

  • Buses for participation
  • Consultant (guest conductor)
  • Meal for all participating students and staff
  • Sub/class coverage
  • Flyers, tickets, and programs
  • $5.00 Tickets

District Orchestra Concerts

  • Buses for participation and rehearsal
  • Flyers, tickets, and programs
  • $5.00 Tickets

CMEA/SCSBOA Festivals (Middle & High Schools)

  • Buses for participation are subject to availability
  • Entry fee for each school to one SCSBOA or CMEA
  • (One fee paid per site per subject)

String Orchestra Courses offered at SUHSD

  • Strings Beginning CPM, CVM, ELM, HTM, MVA
  • Strings Intermediate CVM, ELM
  • Strings Advanced CVM, ELM, HTM, MVA
  • String Orchestra Beg CPH, CVH, OH, ORH, SYH
  • String Orchestra Interm CPH, CVH, ELH, HTH, MVH, OH, SYH
  • String Orchestra Adv CPH, CVH, ELH, OH